General information

Skoedstrup and Loegten

The adjoining villages Skoedstrup and Loegten form a nice suburb situated 10 kilometres north of the city Aarhus.

Facts about Skoedstrup and Loegten:

  • Encircled by a lovely nature.
  • Situated near the sea.
  • About 6.000 inhabitants.
  • Lots of means of transport to the Aarhus (25 minutes by bus or by train).
  • Situated only 16 km from center of Aarhus
  • Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark (250.000 inhabitants). It offers everything: lovely museums -  among others one which is called “The old Town” -, a museum of international modern art (called Aros), theatres, cinemas and lots of shops.

Skoedstrup Skole

Skoedstrup Skole is a public school.

The school opened the 21st of April 1944 and covers the two adjoining villages Skoedstrup and Loegten. In the 1960's the school was extended with 5 wings and a gymnasium. In 1977 3 more wings was added and with the opening of the sports centre the 20th of November 1978 Skoedstrup Skole reached its present shape.

The pupils are situated in the same wing from preschool until 2. grade. In this way the small pupils attend "a small school" with only 225 children. The pupils in 3. to 9. grade are situated in other wings.

Skoedstrup Skole numbers about 1150 pupils divided into 48 classes. In addition there is an afterschool which numbers over 300 children. The educational staff numbers 90 teachers and 45 afterschool pedagogues.



The pupils start when they are 5-6 years old and end after 9-10 years of schooling.

The first year at school is called 0. grade.

The next is called: 1. grade. The final year is called 9. grade.

The pupils in the 9. grade are between 15 and 16 years old.

The school day starts at 8am and ends at between 2pm and 3pm.


The pupils in 0. grade until 4. grade have the opportunity to attend the afterschool one hour before school starts and several hours after school. It is an arrangement that almost all primary schools in Denmark have.

Starting from august 2016 the school is divided into departments: 0.-4. grade ("indskolingen") and 5.-9. grade ("udskolingen").

0.-4 grade is divided into 3 departments: Afdeling A (0.-2. grade), Afdeling B (0.-2. grade) and 3.-4. grade.

5.-9. grade is organized in departments of each grade.